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15921RE: T-2 audio level ?

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  • w5kro@ymail.com
    Sep 18, 2013
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       we6srv I sat at the tower site and listened to rf on a separate receiver while watching the decoded packets on my laptop hooked to the T-2 . While I saw more decoded packets than I expected  I saw fewer packets digied. In fact while I was sitting there several times my mobile sent out a position packet and it was digied from a site far away, not the tower I was sitting at. Also I checked how many times the tower site heard a signal from another digi in one case the tower site heard 1 packet this month from kd5qzd-7 while my home heard 90. The tower site is 4  miles further away from kd5qzd-7 but I find it hard to believe that my antenna 10 feet off the ground is hearing 90 packets from 64 miles away while the big antenna at 100 ft has heard 1 packet. at 68 miles from kd5qzd-7.  Again thanks for all your help I greatly appreciate it.

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      I used to use my t2 as a mobile tracker, (worked fine)however I later replaced the t2 with a t2-135 and sent the t-2 to be used as a digipeater. Now at home I use a motorola radio and software as a aprs station weather station and IGATE. The T-2 is at a remote location where it is attached to another motorola mobile radio and 100 feet of 7/8 inch feed line to a db224 at 100 ft. At home I receive about 800 local position reports a day on my 20 ft high antenna the digi 4.7 miles away receives about 30 position reports a day. The info can be seen by looking at w5kro home digi and KC5HMI-5 remote digi. It seems to me the digi with a very good antenna at 100 ft should be receiving at least as many position reports as my small home setup. As of 9/17/2013 W5KRO has directly heard 8510 signals, the digi has heard directly 524.

      I have changed the radio between home and digi it makes no difference. I have checked the Antenna and feedline with vna and antenna analyzers. I see no specs on what level the t-2 needs to decode properly any help wil be appreciated. 

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