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15920RE: Re: [tracker2] T-2 audio level ?

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  • w5kro@ymail.com
    Sep 18, 2013
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      I can and will look at the packets as they scroll by and try  to determine what packets are being decoded. The reason I started looking at this digi is that in the other parts of city tracking works pretty well but up north where we need a fill in digi I can normally only se my travels for a few miles past this digi. It seems to have very limited coverage area it is the main digi north of my location. As I explained I have checked receiver sensitivity antenna &  feedline and replaced the radio but still only a few miles of coverage will be reported. So I am wondering what level of audio the t-2 wants.  I am using the aufio out of the microphone jack to feed the T-2.   

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      The first order of business is to find out how you are determining what the digipeater is hearing.

      The ONLY way to know what the digipeater is hearing is to plug into the digipeater and watch the packets scroll by on the terminal program.

      If you listen on RF at a location where you have an excellent chance of hearing all packets handled by the digipeater, you can determine fairly accurately the packets that are successfully decoded by the digipeater and are requesting a digipeat using an alias supported by the digipeater.

      If you look at an online site such as aprs.fi, findu.com, or similar, then you will only see a subset of the packets handled by the digipeater.

      The APRS-IS is configured to drop all but the first copy of the packet heard and forwarded to the IS stream.

      If your home station acting as an i-gate and it hears a packet at the same time as the digipeater hears it, you will only see the packet being gated through your i-gate on the APRS-IS stream. The copy which would show the packet being handled by the digipeater would be dropped by all i-gates as a previous version of the packet has already been seen on the IS stream.

      Any copies of the packet handled by any other combination of digipeaters, or trying to be forwarded to the APRS-IS stream would all be dropped.

      You CANNOT do any true analysis of APRS network health based on the heavily filtered APRS-IS feed. You MUST at the very least listen on RF to get an idea of what is happening on the local RF channel.

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      Subject: [tracker2] T-2 audio level ?

      I used to use my t2 as a mobile tracker, (worked fine)however I later replaced the t2 with a t2-135 and sent the t-2 to be used as a digipeater. Now at home I use a motorola radio and software as a aprs station weather station and IGATE. The T-2 is at a remote location where it is attached to another motorola mobile radio and 100 feet of 7/8 inch feed line to a db224 at 100 ft. At home I receive about 800 local position reports a day on my 20 ft high antenna the digi 4.7 miles away receives about 30 position reports a day. The info can be seen by looking at w5kro home digi and KC5HMI-5 remote digi. It seems to me the digi with a very good antenna at 100 ft should be receiving at least as many position reports as my small home setup. As of 9/17/2013 W5KRO has directly heard 8510 signals, the digi has heard directly 524.

      I have changed the radio between home and digi it makes no difference. I have checked the Antenna and feedline with vna and antenna analyzers. I see no specs on what level the t-2 needs to decode properly any help wil be appreciated. 

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