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15900RE: Re: [tracker2] Newbee questions Devlist and ds18s20

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Sep 12, 2013
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      You need to use a LM335 if you want temp in the telemetry. Verify the part number. I am going from memory.
      Best regards,
      Fred N7FMH

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      Thanks I get it now.

      The Telemetry reads TELEM: 138 000 000 000 000, 138 is the supply voltage, that's OK.

      Can I get the internal Temp sensor to appear in the Telemetry?

      If I read correctly the DS18S20 it's data in only viewable in Comment not in Telemetry.

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      And of the OpenTracker USB / T2 / T3 series will support a 1-wire
      temperature sensors on the 1-wire bus. EXTTEMP and DEVLIST are accessed
      from the cmd: prompt - see the manual for details. You just need a
      terminal emulator program like PuTTY. There's also an 'external'
      checkbox in the latest otwincfg program by the 'temperature' box that
      does the same thing.


      On 9/7/2013 11:34 AM, mike@... wrote:
      > I wish to install a 1wire ds18S20 and I cannot find out how.
      > Can I simply install the DS18S20 on the front of the OT and it will
      > detect automatically and insert the external temp data in the comment
      > field? Or do I need to create a script?
      > I see in some of the treads a cmd:devlist, however I cannot find how to
      > do this and from what scree or software.
      > Last question is EXTEMP is mentioned, where do I find this or turn it on?
      > I hope these are not so basic questions that I seem ingnorant
      > Mike,
      > VE7MMG

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