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15879Re: [tracker2] Newbee questions Devlist and ds18s20

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  • James Ewen
    Sep 7, 2013
      On Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 12:34 PM, <mike@...> wrote:

      I wish to install a 1wire ds18S20 and I cannot find out how.
      Can I simply install the DS18S20 on the front of the OT and it will detect 
      automatically and insert the external temp data in the comment field? Or
      do I need to create a script?

      Searching the archives is usually a really good place to start...

      Here's Scott's quick and dirty suggestion:

      Here's a quick way to add a 1-wire temperature sensor to an OT1m or 
      OT2m: Just cut about 2 mm off the end of a DS18S20's leads, and insert 
      it into an RJ11 connector, so that the rounded part of the chip is away 
      from the tab and (with the tab down) the leads are in the 3rd, 4th, and 
      5th of the 6 slots, then just crimp it in.
      Here's the email when EXTTEMP was added:

      I just posted a new development build of the firmware that includes a 
      new command, EXTTEMP, that lets you add an external DS18S20 temperature 

      It's reported the same as the built-in temperature sensor (in C or F in 
      the status text), and if you've got both enabled it'll send the internal 
      temperature and then the external temperature.

      You can use this to get temperature readings from the T2-135 or T2-301 
      where there's no internal sensor. To build a temperature probe, just 
      wire the middle pin of the DS18S20 to the 1-wire bus connection (pin 8 
      on the T2-135, pin 7 on the T2-301) and the left pin (with the flat, 
      marked face toward you and the pins down) to ground. You can clip off 
      the right pin.

      You should be able to run at least 10' of cable for the temperature 
      probe, probably more depending on capacitance.

      I see in some of the treads a cmd:devlist, however I cannot find how to do this and from what scree or software.

      Here's a mention of the DEVLIST command:

      The DEVLIST command will enumerate all devices on the 1-wire bus. A TAI8515
      weather instrument should show up with 3 addresses, starting with 20, 10,
      and 1D.


      Last question is EXTEMP is mentioned, where do I find this or turn it on?

      It is mentioned above, and is also explained in the user manual. Connect a terminal program to the OT2 and you have access to the command prompt for both DEVLIST and EXTTEMP as well as all the rest of the commands.

      You can also access most of the commands via messages sent to the device over the air.
      I hope these are not so basic questions that I seem ingnorant
      You can save yourself a lot of time by searching the archives. Most of the basic questions have been asked and answered numerous times. You can get the answers right away without having to wait for someone to search the message archives and repost the information that is already available.

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