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15870Re: [tracker2] Script Engine and Missing Beacons and Missing Telemetry

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  • Scott Miller
    Sep 4 12:36 PM
      Looks OK at first glance. Can you save your configuration to a file
      using otwincfg and send it to me? I'll see if I can duplicate the problem.

      We're back from vacation (if you consider several days of hard work
      setting up and tearing down structures and maintaining electronics in
      the middle of a desert a vacation!) but we're going to be a little
      backed up and slow to respond for a few days.


      On 8/29/2013 5:56 AM, Tony Komljanec wrote:
      > Hi All!
      > I'd like to beacon some additional messages on my OT2 Digi, but may have
      > been having issues with the script engine. Seems that when the script
      > is enabled, regular telemetry and beacons can go silent in Profile 1,
      > but seem to work in Profile 2. Beacon and telemetry simply go missing
      > and don't appear again until the next profile change. The issue is
      > intermittent. If I disable the script engine, beacons and telemetry
      > seem to appear normally. I'd ask the group to verify the script to make
      > sure that it doesn't have an error that is causing uncharted operation
      > with OT2. Thank you for the sanity check.
      > On Startup
      > Set Counter 1 = 0
      > End Block
      > On Second
      > Increment Counter 1
      > If Counter 1 = 1705
      > If Profile 1
      > Exec "BEA !4505.90N\07736.40W#PHG5350/Solar Power Available"
      > End Block
      > If Profile 2
      > Exec "BEA !4505.90N\07736.40W#PHG5350/Solar Power UNavailable"
      > End Block
      > End Block
      > If Counter 1 = 1710
      > Set Counter 1 = 0
      > End Block
      > End Block
      > Tony K
      > VE3TK
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