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15858Re: Script Engine and Missing Beacons and Missing Telemetry

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  • Tony Komljanec
    Aug 29, 2013
      Thanks for the review James.  

      What I'm doing is changing profiles based on battery voltage of the solar powered digi.  When the sun isn't shining and the battery voltage gets below 12.6V, the digi goes into Profile2 "Night" mode which is WIDE1 only.  WIDE gets unchecked.  When battery voltage rises above 13.1V, Profile1 is invoked which is WIDE1 and WIDE2 active.  This does break one of Bob B rules around having digipeaters provide a continuous 2-way service, but it is necessary as a power preservation tactic due to solar power.  In the winter, we can have 2 weeks of continuous overcast conditions and much of what is repeated in WIDE2 seems unnecessary anyway (repeater beacons or weather stations with very wide paths).  I change the symbol from a normal "D" Digi star to a "1" star to show mode on the aprs.fi map.  Status, fixed position and telemetry is sent every 901 seconds.  Voltage, Temperature, and Telemetry is sent with every status message.  The results of testing can be seen by looking up VE3TK or VA3PLA.   Again, both profile parameters are the same except for symbol, and the digi config WIDE gets toggled on or off.  

      When the script engine is enabled, it seems in the day mode (profile 1), only the scripted beacons are being sent.  No posits, telemetry or status.  In the night mode, posits, telemetry and status appear again.  Turn off scripts and all is well working in either day or night profile.  

      I've pulled the digi from service and is on my bench while I sort this out.   


      Tony K

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