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15856Re: [tracker2] Script Engine and Missing Beacons and Missing Telemetry

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  • James Ewen
    Aug 29, 2013
      We're probably going to need to see your configuration to know what it is that you are doing in profile 1 and profile 2. The script is only part of the equation.

      Gotta run to work, but I'll see if I can look through the script logic and see what you're doing.

      On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 6:56 AM, Tony Komljanec <tkomljan@...> wrote:

      Hi All!

      I'd like to beacon some additional messages on my OT2 Digi, but may have been having issues with the script engine.  Seems that when the script is enabled, regular telemetry and beacons can go silent in Profile 1, but seem to work in Profile 2.  Beacon and telemetry simply go missing and don't appear again until the next profile change.  The issue is intermittent.  If I disable the script engine, beacons and telemetry seem to appear normally.  I'd ask the group to verify the script to make sure that it doesn't have an error that is causing uncharted operation with OT2.   Thank you for the sanity check.  

      On Startup
        Set Counter 1 = 0
      End Block
      On Second
        Increment Counter 1
        If Counter 1 = 1705
          If Profile 1
            Exec "BEA !4505.90N\07736.40W#PHG5350/Solar Power Available"
          End Block
          If Profile 2
            Exec "BEA !4505.90N\07736.40W#PHG5350/Solar Power UNavailable"
          End Block
        End Block
        If Counter 1 = 1710
          Set Counter 1 = 0
        End Block
      End Block

      Tony K  

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