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15854Re: FTM-350 using ot3

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  • monguse2001
    Aug 28, 2013
      Hi Fred thanks for all the info.
      I am using the OT3 with a Nuvi 350 & FTM-350 for Raynet use
      my original request for settings was because I was having difficulty in getting the OT3 and FTM-350 working together this has now been resolved, it is now just a matter of getting the settings to my liking
      for smart beaconing and as you have pointed out the audio levels as well.
      many thanks Andy G0MNI

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, "Fred Hillhouse" <fmhillhouse@...> wrote:
      > Hi Andy,
      > I am a bit curious why you connected an OT3 to the FTM-350? What are you
      > trying to achieve?
      > First off, once the OT3 is connected to the radio, you will need to set the
      > output level of the OT3. This sets the deviation of the signal sent through
      > the radio over the air. Within the configuration application, there is a
      > place to adjust this. If you have a deviation meter, great, if not,
      > listening to the audio will get you pretty close. It can't be really quite
      > or loud and distorted. Either case will render your transmitted packets
      > undecodable.
      > Other settings that you need to address are your call sign, transmit rate,
      > etc. Knowing your end goal will help us help you.
      > The OT3 just works for RXing. The audio signal is passed to the OT3 which
      > decodes it and can pass it onto a PC or GPS for displaying. I am currently
      > using mine with an FT1500 and it just works. I am also using APRSIS32 for
      > displaying packets heard on a map. I did have to set the DATA port to PACKET
      > and 1200 baud IIRC.
      > For the radio, it looks like you will need to set E17 and E18. In each case,
      > you may need to select DATA. What is unclear to me is whether or not this
      > applies to the internal APRS system or an externally connected TNC. The may
      > be additional clues within the APRS manual for the radio. Also there may be
      > focus group for the FTM-350. It might be the best place to ask about
      > settings to use any TNC. I assume the E17 and E18 will be the equivalent to
      > my setting in the FT1500.
      > Best regards,
      > Fred N7FMH
      > PS. Kriss isn't the only one that made the assumption.
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