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15853RE: [tracker2] Re: FTM-350 using ot3

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Aug 28, 2013
      Hi Andy,
      I am a bit curious why you connected an OT3 to the FTM-350? What are you trying to achieve?
      First off, once the OT3 is connected to the radio, you will need to set the output level of the OT3. This sets the deviation of the signal sent through the radio over the air. Within the configuration application, there is a place to adjust this. If you have a deviation meter, great, if not, listening to the audio will get you pretty close. It can't be really quite or loud and distorted. Either case will render your transmitted packets undecodable.
      Other settings that you need to address are your call sign, transmit rate, etc. Knowing your end goal will help us help you.
      The OT3 just works for RXing. The audio signal is passed to the OT3 which decodes it and can pass it onto a PC or GPS for displaying. I am currently using mine with an FT1500 and it just works. I am also using APRSIS32 for displaying packets heard on a map. I did have to set the DATA port to PACKET and 1200 baud IIRC.
      For the radio, it looks like you will need to set E17 and E18. In each case, you may need to select DATA. What is unclear to me is whether or not this applies to the internal APRS system or an externally connected TNC. The may be additional clues within the APRS manual for the radio. Also there may be focus group for the FTM-350. It might be the best place to ask about settings to use any TNC. I assume the E17 and E18 will be the equivalent to my setting in the FT1500.
      Best regards,
      Fred N7FMH
      PS. Kriss isn't the only one that made the assumption.

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      Hi Kriss er were does it say I modified the CT-140 ???
      I bought the Yaesu 6 pin mini din pigtail from Ardent and soldered a DB9 to that and then plugged the mini din into the receptical on the CT-140 which in turn is plugged into the FTM-350
      I now have the 2 talking to each other Thanks to those who gave help on the way these should be connected, perhaps someone might be able to answer my original question which was what are the settings for both the FTM-350 and the OT3 as this might be of help to others who are struggling
      73s Andy G0MNI

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, "captnkliegle" <kliegle@...> wrote:
      > Check and double check the wiring.
      > MIC Audio (TX Audio) on OT2 is on pin 1 of DB9
      > Audio In (Speaker Audio) is on pin 5 of DB9.
      > If they are reversed, there will be some DC voltage on the MIC (power for electret mic amp) and that will trigger the RX led. Both Pin are on opposite sides of DB-9 connector, and I constantly have to be sure I've wired them correct. I too have had the SAME problem until I looked carefully at the tiny numbers on the DB-9.
      > I can't believe you cut/hacked a $41 CT140 cable when you can buy the
      > 6 pin mini-din connector for $4 and solder a $00.25 DB-9 connector?
      > I cut it in half and make two cables from one.
      > Read my reviews of the cable for pinouts. The colors may have changed since I wrote that review due to vendor changes in wire colors.
      > 73 de Kriss

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