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15756Re: Questions about T3mini and GT-320FW GPS

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  • Will
    Jul 16, 2013
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      An update -

      Well Silly me, the voltage drop seen at the 5V pin is caused by the isolation diode D2 dropping about .45 volts. The regulator output is spot on 5 Volts prior to the diode.

      The tracker and GPS are drawing 90ma at 8.9 volts which seems high. There is still a lot of heat generated at U1 the voltage regulator. To reduce the power loss, I think the only solution would be to remove U1 and replace the circuit with a VR that is better suited for higher input voltages, something like a LK112SM50.

      I am still unable to get the GPS unit to send usable data on the TTL Out line.

      I hate to say it, but I think I will need to scrap this hardware and replace it with the other companies SMT tracker. The feature set of the T3-Mini are awesome, but the power draw is too great and the GPS... well I don't think I know what to say about it.. I know the other set up works as my first tracker was based on it and it works fine, just a little more expensize.

      Will - N7IPY
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