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15751Re: Questions about T3mini and GT-320FW GPS

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  • Will
    Jul 15, 2013
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      Thanks for the message.

      Yesterday I went back and rewired the tracker I am assembling. I removed any extra lengths of wire and adding an additional amount of ferrite cores. That removed enough RF from the system to keep the T3-Mini from going nuts when the HT is at 4Watts, all fitting inside of a little Pelican 1030 case.

      Also, thanks to the wiki reference, I missed it when looking for information. The higher than expected power draw occurs even when just the T3-Mini is attached to the batteries, no GPS connected. 9-12 volts is a lot to send into a little linear regulator, so Ill add a small current limiting resistor in series to see if that helps to reduce current draw. I still do not understand the lower than expected 4.5 vs 5.0 out of the 78L05. I'll try adding a bit more filter capacitance; .1uf on the output is pretty small. Now that I have the actual schematic, I can do more troubleshooting.

      I also found the proper reference to the GPS unit. Looks like it flashes it's LED On/Off at a 1 sec per state rate. The data it is sending out is garbage though it looks to be structured in format suggesting I have something set wrong or the data that is being sent is KISS formatted. I am using putty to keyboard control the T3-Mini via USB, entering the 'SNOOP' command, GPS is on port B.

      By the way, does anyone know haw the 'HT-PTT' switch in OpenTracker Configuration correlates to the 'HT' Solder Pads on the tracker?

      More to follow as I learn more.

      Thanks again,

      Will - N7IPY
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