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15747Re: [tracker2] Re: KC2RTR not recieving packets

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  • Tony VE6MVP
    Jul 14, 2013
      At 03:13 PM 2013-07-14, Kevin Shea wrote:
      I'm up and running and installed the OT3 and rest of the gear in my vehicle.  I see plenty of waypoints on the NUVI display!  I even see my call sign under the car icon...

      I usually run my Nuvi with the list of closest stations up.   The map is, after all, pretty small.   And I hope to get some kind of Bluetooth to serial adapter working so I can use APRSDroid on my tablet to display the objects in a much larger format.

      The nice thing about seeing your own call sign is that you can tell when your packet has been successfully digipeated and then decoded by your system.   With the default settings and I'm on the highway once I get to about 8 kms from my last position I know that the Tracker hasn't successfully done the decoding.  Or in town whenever I do a turn.

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