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15746Re: KC2RTR not recieving packets

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  • tedvawter
    Jul 14, 2013
      Thanks for the update!
      I was wondering about the power supply. Thought maybe the radio was getting keyed.
      Anyway, you got it working!! I really love mine! There is a balloon launch next weekend at a local hamfest. I want to see if I can track the landing. Have Topo 8 maps on a laptop, with GPS, and the balloon has an APRS on it

      Have fun!

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups..com, Kevin Shea <kevshea@...> wrote:
      > I'm up and running and installed the OT3 and rest of the gear in my vehicle. I see plenty of waypoints on the NUVI display! I even see my call sign under the car icon...
      > One note: I mentioned earlier when bench testing this setup in my house, that I could not hear packet burst on the APRS network on my HT. Many of you passed on suggestions. I thought it was the 12 volt regulated power supply blocking the packets, so i reported this finding in my last posts...
      > However, I decided to power everything with a 12 v DC battery while indoors and still I did not hear the burst coming in...so the final report is:
      > It was NOT the 12v Power supply units that blocked the packets on my HT, but fault with my external antenna placement, which is a mobile 2 band is outside my room's window. The antenna is blocked by one side of the house, plus my neighbor's house is also blocking from another side. I gather this was enough to block any received packets.
      > KC2RTR
      > -Kevin
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