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15718Re: [tracker2] Re: T3-Micro released

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  • Scott Miller
    Jul 4, 2013
      I don't think you'd get more than a few mA that way, and it needs around 50 mA.  I'm working on a battery-powered design that would be more suitable.


      On 7/4/2013 10:54 AM, smolesbrede wrote:

      Hi Scott,

      An amazingly small unit. Would there be enough power on the mic jack of a Kenwood/Wouxun handheld to run it?

      I was thinking of a board without the USB plug and TRRS socket in an enclosure with Kenwood type plug and USB micro socket that plugs straight into a handheld. Given the price of Icom/Kenwood/Yaesu APRS handhelds I thought it might be worth a try.

      73 de Martin M0MJU

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, Scott Miller <scott@...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > The T3-Micro is now available for beta testing. This is a full Tracker3
      > (including digipeating capability) in a USB dongle form factor with an
      > on-board GPS receiver.
      > The only external connections are the USB connector and the 3.5mm TRRS
      > plug for the radio interface, so you can't use it for Garmin FMI
      > operation, but it makes a very compact standalone tracker or basic TNC.
      > Thanks to the new pass-through option for NMEA data, you can use it with
      > non-APRS applications as a USB GPS receiver, and applications like
      > APRSISCE/32 that support NMEA within KISS frames can use it as a GPS
      > receiver and TNC simultaneously.
      > For mobile applications you can run it from a cigarette lighter USB
      > adapter, and for portable use it'll run off of a USB battery pack.
      > There's no enclosure for it yet, and I can't guarantee there will ever
      > be one that fits this version, but at least for the duration of the beta
      > test period you get a GPS receiver and tracker/TNC for less than what
      > some places charge for a USB GPS receiver alone.
      > You can buy it in our store for $65:
      > https://www.argentdata.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=170
      > More information is available on the wiki:
      > http://wiki.argentdata.com/index.php?title=T3-Micro
      > We've only got a handful of these boards ready to go right now, but
      > we'll have another batch done in a couple of weeks.
      > 73,
      > Scott
      > N1VG

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