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15713OT3m NMEA passthrough

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Jul 3, 2013
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      Good news! The OT3m NMEA pass-through is working. Scott released new
      firmware today (7/3/2013). Thanks Scott!

      I am using the USB port which is fixed at 9600. (At least I don't see a way
      to change it.)

      GPS on Port A works at 4800. I will try Port B later since I have a Port A/B
      splitter and would rather connect the GPS to B.

      My APRSIS32 OT3m port shows the NMEA data. I did not look at the NMEA log
      yet. It was a quick test.

      Only RMC and GGA are passed through. The satellite indicators at the bottom
      of APRSISCE/32 won't have data since I think that relies on the GSV sentence
      which has that data. I am going to miss that.

      This now allows me to remove my FTDI 4-port serial adapter and only have one
      cable to the OT3m and one on to the GPS. I am liking it!

      Thanks Scott and Lynn for adding this feature to the OT3m and APRSISCE/32!

      Best regards,
      Fred N7FMH
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