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15699Re: T3-Micro released

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  • Broncus
    Jul 2, 2013
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      I re-read it again and that smacked me right between the eyes. Somewhere in the queue, I have a follow-up.


      Best regards,
      Fred N7FMH

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, Scott Miller <scott@...> wrote:
      > > If I set GPSDATA ON, will this pass GPS sentences through the USBKISS port?
      > > What sentences are sent?
      > GPSDATA is for reporting HDOP and number of satellites in the status
      > text. Did you check out the wiki page for the micro? The command
      > you're looking for is NMEAPASS ON. It'll pass GPRMC and GPGGA.
      > Scott
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