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15683T3-Micro released

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  • Scott Miller
    Jul 1 12:33 PM
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      Hi all,

      The T3-Micro is now available for beta testing. This is a full Tracker3
      (including digipeating capability) in a USB dongle form factor with an
      on-board GPS receiver.

      The only external connections are the USB connector and the 3.5mm TRRS
      plug for the radio interface, so you can't use it for Garmin FMI
      operation, but it makes a very compact standalone tracker or basic TNC.

      Thanks to the new pass-through option for NMEA data, you can use it with
      non-APRS applications as a USB GPS receiver, and applications like
      APRSISCE/32 that support NMEA within KISS frames can use it as a GPS
      receiver and TNC simultaneously.

      For mobile applications you can run it from a cigarette lighter USB
      adapter, and for portable use it'll run off of a USB battery pack.
      There's no enclosure for it yet, and I can't guarantee there will ever
      be one that fits this version, but at least for the duration of the beta
      test period you get a GPS receiver and tracker/TNC for less than what
      some places charge for a USB GPS receiver alone.

      You can buy it in our store for $65:


      More information is available on the wiki:


      We've only got a handful of these boards ready to go right now, but
      we'll have another batch done in a couple of weeks.


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