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15675Re: [tracker2] Macbook Air running Parrallels Desktops 8 and otwincfg.exe: COM1 port bug

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  • F1MHV
    Jun 28, 2013
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      Hello group,

      Still under trial period with Parallels desktops 8, i keep going on to sort out how to make communicating otwincfg.exe thru USB connection (COM 2 port). XP wise, i have exactly the same configuration on a real window XP desktop and on the virtual machine running XP on the Macbook Air. Native under OS 10.8.4 i can access via iserial app and CMD line the OTUSB, so the Macbook Air communication with the OTUSB is verified. Having a Keyspan USA-19QI, i installed in the virtual machine the driver (COM 4 port) and connecting the adapter to the OTUSB serial connector, otwincfg came alive like on the real PC desktop. So my guess is that the problem come from the INF driver…
      To make sure that other USB connections are working with the virtual machine, i installed the drivers (COM 3 port) for a prolific 2303 USB/serial adapter and i am able to run a GPS utility app reading the GPS mouse status and datas… so it seems to be a compatibility problem between Argent Data's INF driver and Parallels Desktops virtual machine…

      Any ideas?

      73, Cyril

      Le 26 juin 2013 à 10:24, f1mhv <F1MHV@...> a écrit :

      > Good day,
      > To follow-up with previous discussions ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tracker2/messages/15611?threaded=1&m=e&var=1&tidx=1 ), i am looking for using otwincfg.exe with a Macbook Air running 10.7.5 thru XP.
      > Running XP into Parallels Desktops 8, i installed otwincfg.exe and INF driver according to http://wiki.argentdata.com/index.php?title=Windows_INF_File_Installation .
      > I had no problem during the whole process and OpenTracker USB (COM1) shows into Device Manager under Ports (COM and LPT).
      > Starting otwincfg.exe and selecting COM1, i am getting "unable to access serial port" message.
      > I tried using HyperTerminal into COM1 (9600/8/none/1/none) and i am getting "unable to access COM1) message...
      > I "Googled" the problem but i couldn't find matching results.
      > Any ideas?
      > 73
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