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15619T3-mini to nuvi 350

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  • caanuck
    Jun 1, 2013
      I've just received my T3-mini and loving the form factor...I'm looking
      forward to getting this working in a tictac container.

      I am using a Baofeng UV-5s and the interface to the radio is working, I
      can transmit and it shows up on APRS.fi using a fixed location. I am
      now trying to connect the NUVI 350 using the garmin minib to serial
      pigtail cable. The gps cable pinout is yelow - data out, white data in
      and black ground.

      I have done the soldering to connect it this way

      yelllow to A_RX, white to A_TX, black to GND

      and also this way

      yelllow to B_RX, white to B_TX, black to GND

      In each case I set the Serial interface A or B to Garmin but it won't
      kick the NUVI into Fleet managment interface (FMI) mode and does not
      receive the gps data. I am thinking there is some key instruction
      missing to connect the ground to a different point where there is
      resistor somewhere.

      Thanks for your help.
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