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15575RE: [tracker2] can the Argent OT3 run two programs?

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    May 21 6:28 AM
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       > > He mentioned to me the other night that the Argent can only be programed
       > > to run one way say as a Digipeater then if you want to use it as a stand
       > > alone tracker it would have to be reprogramed?
       > >
       > > something about not having enough memory nor a switch to change from one
       > > program to the other.
       > > is he correct?

       > No, it'll basically do everything at once - the only limitations are on 
       > duplicate functions, like if you're trying to run two NMEA GPS receivers 
       > at the same time.

       > You do want to watch out for KISS programs that send the 'exit kiss' 
       > command every time they close, though.

       > Scott
      I use APRSIS32 with a SimplyKISS port configured. It leaves the OT3 in KISS mode. It works great! The OT3 is also setup up to do preemptive digipeating for a specific path. Since my OT3 is mobile, I have no other digipeating configured. I currently don't have a GPS connected but if I connect one, the tracker functions will kick in. Currently, APRSIS32 is doing the tracker functions and providing a mobile view of the APRS environment around me.
      Best regards,
      Fred, N7FMH
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