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15541Re: [tracker2] Re: Tracker3 / OT3m - next steps for a new owner (after the manual)?

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  • Scott Miller
    May 6, 2013
      > Or old information, such as mentioning RELAY favourably, that hasn't
      > been purged or marked as obsolete or doesn't have a publication date.
      > This actually is where a Wiki can come in nicely. One problem in one
      > APRS product is that there are only five people who can update the wiki.
      > So when other folks, like me, come across something that they'd like to
      > add a paragraph or two, then they can't.

      Unfortunately the Argent wiki got trashed by spammers. I locked it down
      but the registration process is broken. I've got to find time to get in
      there and figure out what went wrong. I think the info.aprs.net wiki is
      working OK, and I upgraded it at the same time, so I should probably
      compare the two.

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