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15525Re: [tracker2] Re: Tracker3 / OT3m - next steps for a new owner (after the manual)?

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  • Willie M
    May 2, 2013
      Yes, using the HT and base station antenna I can reach the repeaters in the closer portion of Minneapolis fairly well if a bit weakly. I get much better performance using a mobile radio on the same antenna, even on low power. So once I get the proper cabling I will try the better radio.

      Unfortunately in my first order I bought just enough hardware to connect the OT3m to my HT... I didn't realize the potential that I'd want to connect up a different radio so soon.

      On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 2:37 PM, Tony VE6MVP <tony@...> wrote:

      At 10:25 AM 2013-05-02, wmacris wrote:

      Regarding my second question below, I find it humorous that just after sending my email, one of my packets showed up on APRS.fi! Ahh, the vagaries of the internet. But since only one has been heard, I think I need adjustments in some combination of transmitter power level, or the module's tx audio level or tx delay. I'm using a TYT-UVF1 HT at high power (5W max, likely less), connected to a good roof-mounted vertical antenna that is working well for normal phone usage. (I will be transitioning to use a better radio with a data jack once I build a cable for it). What's a recommended transmit power level for a home base station digi?

      You appear to be a ways away from the digis in Minneapolis with not much around you as far as APRS infrastructure goes so you are in a good location to contribute to the APRS community in your area.     So yes 50 watts could make sense.  If you were in, say, Bloomington I'd say 5 watts is fine.  However I suspect something else is a problem.  Depending on terrain a house antenna should easily hit a digipeater up a few hundred feet at 50 kms/30 miles.

      As far as making up your own cable type in Buxcomm and the model of your TNC and radio at a search engine and see if they have it in stock.  Soldering cables is down on my priority list so they don't get done.  At least for me anyhow.

      Tony  VA6OO

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