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15521Re: [tracker2] Tracker3 / OT3m - next steps for a new owner (after the manual)?

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  • Scott Miller
    May 2, 2013
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      > 1 - How do I know what digipeater settings are "good" for a given
      > environment? I'm using this from New Prague MN if you wish to look it
      > up. I can hear a number of stations as the MONITOR output shows. This is

      Looking at what's in use around you is a good start. Most places, I
      recommend either WIDE2-2 (works great in California) or possibly
      WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 if you're somewhere with fill-in digis - which seem to
      be rare around here.

      > docs have clearly explained how your symbols appear online. Is it
      > automatic? At this point my tracker has never appeared online, nor has
      > it appeared in the decoded APRS packets. I would think at some point I
      > should see my module show up in the path to somewhere else? But that too
      > is a gap in my understanding.

      As long as an IGate hears your packets (and they're not specifically
      marked RFONLY) they'll be passed to the APRS-IS and show up on aprs.fi
      (and other sites) automatically.

      > 3 - Interfacing the tracker to other software - e.g. APRISCE/32 - is a
      > mystery. When I had it set to MONITOR ON (not KISS mode) then
      > APRSISCE/32 complained about badly formatted packets. When I went to
      > USBKISS ON, then it received no packets (even though when on monitor

      I don't have the specific setup information for that application - maybe
      someone can share their settings. You need to make sure the host mode
      on the application side is set to KISS as well.

      > 4 - As part of making the module appear online, do I need to set my OT3m
      > to have a specific symbol type such as digi? Wondering if that affects
      > how the module's packets are processed by other recipients. Are there

      The symbol type is generally just cosmetic, except for the weather
      symbol, which is required for weather packet parsing. (It just wouldn't
      be APRS if we didn't overload each field with at least one irregular
      usage.) The weather symbol is automatic for Argent trackers, so you
      don't ever need to set that.

      > specific data item contents that should be provided in the output? I
      > have not yet found what I would call a good beginner's guide that
      > addresses such questions.

      For a moving station, normally just course and speed. Altitude isn't
      usually necessary, and time is very rarely needed and just takes up space.

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