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15495Re: [tracker2] Digipeater

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  • Keith VE7GDH
    Apr 23, 2013
      KC0WNY wrote...

      > I have a Tracker2 With an Alinco DR-135 radio that I am
      > trying to use as a digipeater, KC0WNY but I guess there are
      > things I don't under stand about this concept. I have two other
      > mobile units, one being Kenwood TM-710A, KC0WNY-14,
      > how come when I look at the packets from the mobile
      > KC0WNY-14, I never see anything originating from
      > KC0WNY from my Digipeater, only from other stations.
      > Digipeat is set to on with the Tracker2...

      I was going to say that perhaps the T20135 wasn't beaconing,
      but it is. However, fixed stations, let alone digipeaters, should
      not use WIDE1-1 in their path, and there is seldom anything to
      be gained when its own beacons go out with a three hop path.
      Those beacons with long paths are really just causing QRM
      for those around you.

      2013-04-23 13:14:17 PDT:
      :!3748.06N/09556.91W# 12.4V Voice on 145.700

      You are being heard direct and being gated by KCOU-1.
      However, I see you later dropped the WIDE1-1. That's
      a step in the right direction. Consider whether you can
      reduce that one more hop down to just WIDE2-1 for
      its own beacons! 8-)

      So... it is beaconing and it is being heard, at least by
      KCOU-1. However, there is the possibility that there just
      isn't a lot of traffic for the digi to hear and digipeat, but
      see below.

      Turning to KC0WNY-14...


      With only one exception, it was heard direct by an IGate
      the last 1000 beacons that it sent. It could very well have
      been digipeated, by other digipeaters and your own, but
      it is consistently making it to an IGate without needing
      any help from a digi. Back on April 15, a single beacon
      made it to an IGate with the help from a digi. You really
      need to look on RF to see what is happening on RF... e.g.
      if you look on the D710, you may find that it is consistently
      hearing KC0WNY direct, just like the IGates are.


      It appears that at least 7 stations have gone through KC02NY
      this year and made it to an IGate... N70SH, MATFLD, KA7PHJ-11,
      KTCHM, K0SUN-4, K0LTB-7 and N219RV.

      73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
      "I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"
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