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15410Re: [tracker2] OT3 position decode error

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  • Scott Miller
    Apr 1 11:05 AM
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      Got it - looks like a difference in integer promotion settings between
      the two compilers. I'll post the updated firmware soon. Email me
      off-list if you'd like the new version for testing.


      On 3/29/2013 4:52 PM, marcel wrote:
      > There appears to be an error in the formula that the OT3 firmware (Ver
      > 56132) uses to decode compressed positions. Here's the beacon coming
      > through an OT3:
      > VE6SLP-9>APOTC1,EDMNTN*,WIDE1*:!/3F\[1kbg> st/A=002178 12.5V 24C
      > HDOP00.8 SATS10
      > $GPWPL,5334.36,S,11326.80,E,VE6SLP-9*23
      > $PGRMW,VE6SLP-9,663,00AA,12.5V 24C HDOP00.8 SATS10*28
      > and the same station coming through an OT2:
      > VE6SLP-9>APOTC1,EDMNTN*,WIDE1*:!/3F\]1kbb> st 09.9V 13C HDOP01.3 SATS06
      > $GPWPL,5334.36,N,11326.81,W,VE6SLP-9*2D
      > $PGRMW,VE6SLP-9,0,00AA,09.9V 13C HDOP01.3 SATS06*24
      > The math in the OT3 is putting the station south and east rather than
      > the north and west where it actually is. All stations using uncompressed
      > position beacons plot correctly.
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