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15406ot2m Freezeing up

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  • howardp
    Mar 30, 2013
      I have a ot2m that is freezeing up ...

      the unit runs for about a week or two then it just freezes and thats it just sits there.

      It happens with the Argent data gps unit is connected and when it is unconnected acting as a digipeater.

      I tried using the newer firmware same thing so I am now using the more mature non beta firmware.

      I asked Scott and he pointed me towards a reset script which I run with the script engine turned on to reset every 12 hours and same thing after a week or two it freezes.

      I tried to do a dump file to send to scott but when it freezes I cant even connect to it. the only way is to disconnect power and repower the unit. then all is well for another week or two. I have the waypoint output and monitor mode turned off.

      I wanted to put this on a mountain top located in Jamul California along the border with mexico but it is a 60 mile trip out and back to
      unplug and plug in the power.

      or I could buy a timer like the ones that used to turn on a lamp at home to fool the would be burgulars but I feel I shouldn't have to do that..

      Seeing others are having this problem could it be that the unit is defective or a glitch in the firmware ( many variables here )

      I would love to buy a ot3m but I want to get this freezeing problem solved before I feel comfortable buying the ot3m ..

      Scott has a wonderful product and is lightyears ahead of his competition especially in the value for the dollar spent department
      I just want my unit not to freeze so I can beat the drum louder for Scott...
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