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15364Re: [tracker2] Changing the digi symbol overlay to "S" on OTM3

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  • James Ewen
    Mar 19, 2013
      To set to icon, using OTWINCFG, simply set the code to '#' and the
      table to 'S'.

      The altitude in the comment is not necessary, but can be left for
      conversation sake.

      Your PHG is incorrect. 2800 indicates 4 watts, 2560 feet HAAT, 0 dB
      gain antenna, omnidirectional

      The power is probably okay, the HAAT I can't calculate right now, but
      it could be okay as well (it is NOT absolute altitude above sea level
      though), but you probably don't have a 0 dB gain antenna. You might
      want to fix that.
      Also in the comment, you'll probably want to format the text with a
      few extra spaces to pad the lines to 10 characters for ease of reading
      on the mobile rigs.

      On 3/19/13, sgtrobison@... <sgtrobison@...> wrote:
      > Hello, I am new to the group and have a noobi question. We have a high
      > level digi setup and I need to change the digi symbol overlay from
      > star D to Star S, and so far I have not been able to configure the OTM3
      > correctly. I was hoping that the group might provide some guidance. I have
      > a beacon text that is being used on other digis in our area, though
      > they are using other manufacture TNCs.
      > !3909.67NS11436.86W#PHG2800/W2,NVn, WB7WTS, Cave Mtn, NV A=010742
      > Thanks for any suggestions. 73
      > Archie (Les) Robison N7GWT
      > ------------------------------------
      > Yahoo! Groups Links

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