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15310Re: [tracker2] Re: OT USB max mic voltage?

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  • F1MHV
    Mar 5, 2013
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      No, HI is on and HT is OFF. I checked as well R4 R5 R6 and the values are correct excepted for R6 which shows 100k (version 1.2) compare to schematic diagram available on the wiki. But as long as HI shunt R6, it's not really a problem.
      I have done a new set of cables with an original M642/5-1 jack and i will perform thursday some tests again on 30m (DF1CHB-11).


      Le 5 mars 2013 à 18:15, Scott Miller <scott@...> a écrit :

      > Do you also have the HT jumper removed? If it's set, that will drag the
      > audio level down considerably.
      > Scott
      > On 3/4/2013 2:36 AM, f1mhv wrote:
      >> unfortunately not: back with the hobby since 2/3 years after a 20 years
      >> break, i am still very basically equipped, no shack at home, operating
      >> mainly /AM et some /P.
      >> May be some software working with sound card to check audio output?
      >> Cyril
      >> --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com <mailto:tracker2%40yahoogroups.com>,
      >> Scott Miller wrote:
      >>> I can't find my notes on the OTUSB output levels right now. Do you have
      >>> an oscilloscope to check what it's putting out?
      >>> Scott
      >>> On 3/2/2013 10:57 PM, f1mhv wrote:
      >>>> Good morning Scott,
      >>>> Last night i performed my first test on 30m operating /AM. Audio
      >> setting
      >>>> wise, HI jumper was set to high, and being able to monitor the AFSK
      >>>> output thru headsets, even with TXLEVEL set to 255, i found the AFSK
      >>>> level very weak (10 to 15%) compare to normal voice using dedicated
      >> hand
      >>>> mike or boom headset. Both devices data are mentioning an output of
      >>>> 400mv: what about the OTUSB?
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