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15273Dev and Beta Firmware

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  • kd7iiw
    Feb 24, 2013
      My Setup is using APRSIS32 in KISS mode, and a OT3m v1.1 with a motorla M120 radio. It is setup with external squelch disabled, software dcd enabled. and I believe invert carrier detect is selected. Configuration settings remained the same between the 3 firmware versions.

      Possible Bug in the two newer versions dealing with rxing and/or decoding packets. The green light doesn't light up.

      LED's light with firmware 56133 (56135) and it seems to work fine
      Maybe slower to initialize?

      Both newer builds seem to initialize fast.
      Build 56295 will Tx but not rx decode. TX/RX LED lights red for tx, doesn't light green for rx

      Build 56330 will Tx and rx fine, shows packets ok, but Green RX LED doesn't light up showing packet activity.

      Is there a revision list that describes bug fixes or feature additions for each released firmware?
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