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15242Can the GTRANS cable allow you to send commands to the Kenwood D710?

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  • Tony VE6MVP
    Feb 11, 2013

      Several very nice capabilities of the Tracker and the Nuvi 350 combination are the ability to send commands to the Tracker, such as switching profiles or changing the APRS comment, and sending APRS messages.

      Can the GTRANS cable, when hooked up to the Nuvi 350 and the D710, allow you to do the same things?  I see there is mention of firmware upgradeable and 20 Mhz CPU.

      If that capability isn't there can such be added?  Note that Lynn D, author of APRSIS32, knows how to do this programmatically.   And actually I could probably send you folks a log of the commands he sends the D710.

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