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15231controlling what gets displayed on the gps

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  • Eric Fort
    Feb 8, 2013
      In about a month I'll be out with a bunch of friends tracking and chasing a high altitude balloon payload across the southwest US.  my chase setup will be a nuvi 350 showing other stations and a tracker2 squacking my position to the other chase teams so we all know where each other and the HIBAL are located at any given time.  this brings up a couple questions:

      1.   I really  do not need a bunch of excess clutter on the nuvi screen. How can I limit the stations tracked and displayed to only those from a predetermined list (i.e. only the HIBAL and chase teams)?

      2.  It would be useful to see not just lat/lon but altitude of the HIBAL as well.  How might this best be displayed?


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