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15193RE: [tracker2] OT USB Telemetry

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  • Joe Della Barba
    Feb 4, 2013

      My OT-3M has been reporting 0.3 volts low for about a year now.

      I could change the telemetry by sending a message if I can remember the format, but that won’t help the comment field.

      So – is there an adjustment for this?


      Joe Della Barba




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      Subject: [tracker2] OT USB Telemetry



      I have an OT USB that I am using for telemetry. It seems that the telemetry inputs on CN-4 are a bit skewed. CN-4 pin 5 is connected directly to my battery. Measured voltage is 13.1 but the telemetry value reported is 164. I expected the telemetry value to be 131. I also noticed my reported battery voltage in the comment field is 16.4V.

      Firmware version 55871 installed.

      CN4 pin 1 should be directly connected to the +5 volt supply according to the schematic. The voltage on this pin measures 4.23V. I measured the output on the +5V regulator and it is 4.99V. The 1 wire temperature pin 2 seems to be ok. I have a light sensor and moisture sensors connected to the CN4 header also.

      I have EXTTEMP on, and voltage and temperature reporting in the comment section. Here is a link to my telemetry page : http://aprs.fi/telemetry/a/N9TKF-4

      Has anyone encountered this problem and have a solution?

      John N9TKF

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