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15180Re: [tracker2] OT2M and WS1

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  • Scott Miller
    Jan 27, 2013
      The WS1 will shut off its serial output if there's nothing on the serial
      input. If you're only connecting TXD to RXD that might be the problem.

      If you connect it to port B, you can use the SNOOP command to see if
      it's sending data.


      On 1/26/2013 12:53 PM, larry wrote:
      > I was messing around today to see if I could run the serial data from
      > WS1 into port A of OT2M and have it run as a weather station. I have a
      > different OT2M setup as a digipeater/weather station using LaCrosse
      > weather station as the input and it works.
      > I couldn't get any weather packets out from this new setup. I had port A
      > set as 2400 baud auto , fixed GPS position, and WX symbol but didn't see
      > any weather data .
      > I didn't use any null modem cable - just same output from WS1 that will
      > read 2400 baud data in a terminal program.
      > Any ideas ?
      > Larry WT9M
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