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15143UPDATE: OTm2 receives but stops DIGI peating/Packet decoding

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  • JohnD
    Jan 18, 2013
      We may have something to go on here.

      I created a group photo album called "OT2m Poison Packets"
      You must view these pictures at original size to read them...

      There is a pic of the frozen OT2m LCD screen showing a packet from K0HAX with a bogus distance of 6316 miles. (OT2m HUD.png)

      I looked at my aprs station data in APRS.fi and my last position packet was 2013-01-18 @ 00:56:34 (k0jdd.png)

      I looked at the k0hax aprs station data for around that time and there is a packet with bad mic-e data on 2013-01-18 @ 01:04:13 (k0hax.png)

      I am working on capturing a DUMP - got to find the serial adapter and get the PC booted up. Might be Saturday morning. I will email it to Scott asap.
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