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15057RE: [tracker2] OTUSB UI-VIEW32 GPS Pass Through? Serial Data Monitoring?

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  • Fred Hillhouse
    Dec 28, 2012
      Hi Chris,
      To only monitor data, set your COM port to 9600, 8, N, 1. I forget the mode but don't use KISS. Or you use the USB port and I don't remember what I did there.  I think I had to set the RX level on the OTUSB as well to optimize RX. You will also need to set the VX-6 volume to the same level each time you use it.
      To actually use the TNC for TX and RX:
      The TNC will beacon on its own as a simple tracker. But if you want to see the world around you, you will need to connect a PC.
      I connect via serial (9600,8N,1) and use KISS on Port A.
      I connect a GPS to Port B. It does not interleave NMEA with regular data. I built a splitter to split port A and B to separate connectors. In addition, I added a GPS splitter so two devices can receive the GPS data. My GPS can feed my TNC and PC. Currently, the GPS data does not go to my TNC but the ability is always there when I need it.
      On the KISS port, I hang a PC (desktop, netbook, tablet, phone -  yes, each of those have been connected at different times.
      On the PC, I run APRSISCE/32. Check it out! You may be pleasantly surprised.
      The OTUSB can run its own profile while connected to to a PC. The PC can also control it. This means that if you do not have a PC connected, it will beacon per your settings and when you do connect a PC, it will still beacon and the PC can TX/RX through it.
      I don't use an HT because the output level of the radio affects receive performance. I prefer radios with a Mini-DIN connector or one that is easily accessed internally. Once the levels are set, there is no way to just bump them. And they are pretty cheap.
      Best regards,
      Fred, N7FMH

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      Subject: [tracker2] OTUSB UI-VIEW32 GPS Pass Through? Serial Data Monitoring?


      I looked around briefly and couldn't find more information to answer these
      questions, but if there's a tutorial beyond what's in the back of the OTUSB
      manual please point me to it :-)

      Is there a way to pass GPS data from a GPS receiver plugged into the OTUSB
      to a computer running UI-VIEW32? I tried setting the GPS to the same COM
      port as the OTUSB in KISS mode but looking on the terminal and the terminal
      for the GPS receiver it's clear that no data.

      How do I monitor data coming from the OTUSB? I've attempted opening a
      basic serial terminal at 4800 but I don't see anything on boot/while it's
      running at all. I can hear APRS traffic on the radio but haven't
      successfully decoded any packets so it's challenging to figure out where to
      start debugging. I'm somewhat familiar with the APRS software as I was
      successfully using my sound card and radio to decode packets previously,
      just trying to figure out if I have software/hardware/or audio level issues
      with the radio. I'm using a VX-6R, currently don't have the 'HI' jumper
      set for audio levels on the OTUSB.

      To give you an idea of what I'm trying to accomplish, that might help point
      me in the correct direction - we're flying high altitude balloons and using
      APRS to beacon position data while the balloon is in the air and it works
      great (
      However, when the balloon lands we lose signal as there aren't any local
      stations close enough to hear the 200mW beacon, so I want to take a laptop,
      the VX-6r radio, and the OTUSB and wander around in a field where we came
      down near until I can pick up the local signals and have it tell us its
      location. (Yes, we could use direction finding equipment to hunt it as
      well, but we're going to start with this as we have a lot more skill in
      this area). Ideally I would have a map of the local area cached (which
      there are plenty of instructions on), the GPS hooked to the OTUSB would
      plot our location on the map as I'm wandering around, and it would be able
      to decode data packets from our transmitter (as well as whatever else is
      around) and plot the reported coordinates on the map. Bonus feature would
      be transmitting our own location (the searchers) out to anyone else with a
      station that could get it online but I'm a lot more concerned with finding
      our weak signal first.


      Thank you,


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