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15019Re: [tracker2] Interesting --beacon problem between Nuvi 350 and OT2

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  • Scott Miller
    Dec 12, 2012
      Is it responding normally now, or does it get stuck every time you try
      to send it again?


      On 12/12/2012 7:58 PM, Tony VE6MVP wrote:
      > At 08:49 PM 2012-12-12, Scott Miller wrote:
      > I bought both the Nuvi and the T2-301 about a year ago and haven't
      > updated the firmware since although I did at that time. I'll pull it
      > from the vehicle in the next day or so and bring it in. I don't feel
      > like going outside this evening in this weather if I don't have to. Not
      > that it's all that cold yet.
      > Note though that the --bea command did work for the last year. But
      > suddenly didn't. And all --beacons since did not work. Hmm, could it
      > be because the units were at a temp of about -15 C (+5 American) at the
      > time and hadn't yet warmed up? Although I think when I tested it the
      > following day it had warmed up to about 0 C (or 32 American.)
      > Note that I cleaned up the problem by deleting the --bea or --beacon
      > from the outgoing message queue.
      > Tony
      > >I've run into something like this before. What firmware version is your
      > >nuvi running? IIRC, there was a bug in one version that related to
      > >message acknowledgement - the nuvi tells the tracker when there's a
      > >message and gives it a unique ID, but the tracker also polls with a
      > >catch-all ID in case it missed the announcement. The nuvi responds with
      > >the message but then the tracker only has the catch-all ID for it and
      > >ack'ing that ID doesn't properly remove it from the queue. At least
      > >that's how I remember it - it's been a couple of years.
      > >
      > >More recently I've seen at least two cases where a message seemed to get
      > >corrupted in the nuvi's memory and also wouldn't ack. The only way I've
      > >found to fix it is to use the maintenance menu (hold down the upper
      > >right corner of the touch screen while turning on the nuvi) to clear all
      > >user data.
      > >
      > >Scott
      > >
      > >On 12/12/2012 12:53 PM, Tony VE6MVP wrote:
      > >> Folks
      > >>
      > >> I have a T2-301 with the OT2 TNC and a Garmin Nuvi 350 with the FMI
      > >> cable. It has worked well for several months. I have, in the past and
      > >> only 4 days ago, happily done the --bea as a message on the Nuvi and the
      > >> OT2 sends out a position beacon. In the past the --bea beacons once
      > >> and goes into the sent message queue with a time/date.
      > >>
      > >> But Monday afternoon the --bea was "stuck" being sent. As I did this
      > >> a minute or two into a two hour drive the Tracker happily beaconed my
      > >> position every 10 or 11 seconds. You can see this at
      > >> http://aprs.fi/#!mt=roadmap&z=11&call=a%2FVA6OO-9&timerange=345600 .
      > >> Ensure the time frame includes Monday afternoon. You will see my
      > >> return track showing normal beaconing and there is a lot of overlap on
      > >> the straight sections. On the curves you will see my rather frequent
      > >> beacons.
      > >>
      > >> I only noticed this problem because I turned on my commercial FM radio
      > >> in the vehicle while still out on the fringes of my favourite radio
      > >> station. I noticed the interference on the FM radio, which I seldom do,
      > >> and was wondering why I was getting so many static bursts on the radio.
      > >> <smile>
      > >>
      > >> Otherwise I would've happily been beaconing for a considerable length of
      > >> time while I was in the city for the next 24 hours incurring the wrath
      > >> of the city folks while I was clogging up the city APRS network.
      > <wry smile>
      > >>
      > >> It is still behaving the same despite doing a power off and on cycle of
      > >> the Nuvi 350 and the T2-301. Any ideas?
      > >>
      > >> Tony
      > >>
      > >>
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