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15016Re: [tracker2] Interesting --beacon problem between Nuvi 350 and OT2

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  • Scott Miller
    Dec 12, 2012
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      I've run into something like this before. What firmware version is your
      nuvi running? IIRC, there was a bug in one version that related to
      message acknowledgement - the nuvi tells the tracker when there's a
      message and gives it a unique ID, but the tracker also polls with a
      catch-all ID in case it missed the announcement. The nuvi responds with
      the message but then the tracker only has the catch-all ID for it and
      ack'ing that ID doesn't properly remove it from the queue. At least
      that's how I remember it - it's been a couple of years.

      More recently I've seen at least two cases where a message seemed to get
      corrupted in the nuvi's memory and also wouldn't ack. The only way I've
      found to fix it is to use the maintenance menu (hold down the upper
      right corner of the touch screen while turning on the nuvi) to clear all
      user data.


      On 12/12/2012 12:53 PM, Tony VE6MVP wrote:
      > Folks
      > I have a T2-301 with the OT2 TNC and a Garmin Nuvi 350 with the FMI
      > cable. It has worked well for several months. I have, in the past and
      > only 4 days ago, happily done the --bea as a message on the Nuvi and the
      > OT2 sends out a position beacon. In the past the --bea beacons once
      > and goes into the sent message queue with a time/date.
      > But Monday afternoon the --bea was "stuck" being sent. As I did this
      > a minute or two into a two hour drive the Tracker happily beaconed my
      > position every 10 or 11 seconds. You can see this at
      > http://aprs.fi/#!mt=roadmap&z=11&call=a%2FVA6OO-9&timerange=345600 .
      > Ensure the time frame includes Monday afternoon. You will see my
      > return track showing normal beaconing and there is a lot of overlap on
      > the straight sections. On the curves you will see my rather frequent
      > beacons.
      > I only noticed this problem because I turned on my commercial FM radio
      > in the vehicle while still out on the fringes of my favourite radio
      > station. I noticed the interference on the FM radio, which I seldom do,
      > and was wondering why I was getting so many static bursts on the radio.
      > <smile>
      > Otherwise I would've happily been beaconing for a considerable length of
      > time while I was in the city for the next 24 hours incurring the wrath
      > of the city folks while I was clogging up the city APRS network. <wry smile>
      > It is still behaving the same despite doing a power off and on cycle of
      > the Nuvi 350 and the T2-301. Any ideas?
      > Tony
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