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14978Re: [tracker2] Alinco and T3-135

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  • James Ewen
    Nov 24 12:52 PM
      On Sat, Nov 24, 2012 at 7:30 AM, Ron N9SZV <n9szv@...> wrote:

      > Dumb Q can the T3-135 be used as a BBS?

      So, a BBS was normally software running on a computer with a data
      connection via phone lines or now the internet... A T3-135 isn't a
      computer, a phone line, internet, nor software.

      You probably want to run a PBBS, which is a packet BBS, again software
      running on a computer, but using a TNC and radio as the connection

      Not any rig can be a BBS, but you can use just about any radio as the
      RF portion of a PBBS. The on air speed is dependent upon the TNC that
      you use, as it is the device that converts the serial data from the
      computer to the on air protocol and back again.

      There is a difference between "regular packet" used for PBBS, Winlink,
      and other legacy packet modes versus the packet radio subset which is

      Be aware that some of the APRS TNCs were not able to handle the full
      packets used by legacy packet applications.

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