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14853Re: [tracker2] want to get messaging working - please send messages (or volunteer to receive one)

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  • James Ewen
    Oct 3, 2012
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      On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 10:30 PM, Eric Fort <eric.fort@...> wrote:

      > I have one tnc and radio - a t2-301 conbo unit attached to a garmin
      > nuvi350. The present antenna is a rubber duckie bought from argent data.
      > this is af6ep-1.

      Okay, a rubber duckie is less than an optimal antenna, but you are
      getting packets into the network.

      What's your outgoing path? Are you using WIDE2-2 or WIDE2-1? It's
      unknown what you are using as the raw packets show WIDE2, but the path
      is not marked as used up, nor are there any digipeater callsigns
      inserted. It could be a configuration error on your part, or just more
      improperly set up digipeaters.

      > Just this evening I installed aprsis32 on the laptop and
      > set it as internet connected only. the laptop over internet only is
      > af6ep-3. aprs.fi sees them both, but they don't see each other, actually
      > after running for the last couple hours I just checked again, af6ep-3 is now
      > showing af6ep-1 but af6ep-1 has yet to see af6ep-3.

      Do you have some method of pushing packets from AF6EP-3 from the
      internet to the local RF network? Have you sent a message from AF6EP-3
      to AF6EP-1 which would cause a courtesy position packet to be gated to
      the local area? If you have no idea what I am asking, it would be
      useful for you to go read up on what it takes to send messages through
      i-gates, links to such documents already having been shared in this

      > I can send messages to
      > my email from af6ep-3 but not from af6ep-1 so internet to internet works,
      > but any messaging to or from the rf side (af6ep-1) fails. looking at
      > aprs.fi raw cached packets for af6ep-1 I see it trying to send the message
      > to my email, but the packets are bad (show in red). Suggestions?

      :EMAIL:ERI:email test1{ab [Invalid message packet]

      How did you send this message? The complaint is about the length of
      the recipient call. It needs to be padded out to 9 characters as per
      chapter 14 of the APRS101 document.
      Can you send an email message from your email client to ERI? ERI is
      not a valid email address. There are many servers out there now
      responding to the EMAIL alias, so perhaps one of them supports a
      shortcut. I know the EMAIL-2 server can have shortcuts configured for
      email addresses. I would suggest not using the EMAIL server due to the
      problems caused by having multiple servers all responding to the
      alias. Use EMAIL-2, there's only one EMAIL-2 server so far.

      :EMAIL-2 :eric.fort@... test-2 from aprsis af6ep-3{EM}

      This message sent to the EMAIL-2 server was formatted properly, and as
      you indicated, it worked.

      Send an improperly formatted message from the internet connected
      client, and you'll find that it won't work either. Having a radio
      system that is improperly wired will cause a problem with being
      successful. Having an improperly set deviation will cause a problem
      with being successful. Sending improperly formatted packets will cause
      a problem with being successful. You have to do everything right for
      things to work. This isn't horseshoes or hand grenades... close isn't
      good enough. Computers are not forgiving... they expect you to do your
      part so they can do theirs...

      > I am
      > getting decodes when I hook up to the serial port of the t2-301 and they
      > appear good. I'll check my deviation as soon as I'm able, though I have not
      > changed it from factory settings and would have expected scott to have set
      > it properly prior to being shipped as the t2-301 is a bits to rf and rf to
      > bits device.

      It looks like you are probably close to where you want to be due to
      the packets getting picked up and gated to the APRS-IS. At the very
      least some of your packets are being gated.

      BTW, every OT device that Scott makes is a bits to RF and RF to bits
      device... so are the TinyTrak, KPC, TNC-X and all other packet TNCs.
      It's always best to check your equipment for proper operation.

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