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14766Re: [tracker2] Re: Anyone know when Scott will be back?

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  • Scott Miller
    Sep 5 3:41 PM
      On 9/3/2012 7:15 AM, qrv@... wrote:
      > I visited and read the BurningMan page and came away confused as
      > to the philosophy in back of this event.

      The 10 principles will tell you a little, but it's hard to explain if
      you haven't been there. Different people get very different things out
      of it. It's an excellent APRS and emcom testing ground, and I had some
      technical projects going out there, but mostly I spent a week hanging
      out with scientists, engineers, IT people, and artists, building and
      later burning a memorial for a lost friend, and serving free drinks at
      the grimiest dive bar on the planet. Also made a fair amount of ice
      cream, but ran out of vanilla before I used up all of my liquid nitrogen.

      > It seems an amusing hobby that, like others, may spawn some creative
      > gadgets or systems to enhance the experience.

      Absolutely. For relaxation purposes I like the fact that it's mostly
      cut off from the outside world, but it's fun to build gadgets
      specifically for the playa. I've got a GPS map on my bike that's only
      usable out there, and I have to engrave a new acrylic panel for it each
      time with that year's map.

      But now I have a 10-day backlog of email to answer...

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