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1459Re: [tracker2] Question

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  • James Ewen
    Mar 5, 2007
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      On 3/5/07, Jon <c0j_1999@...> wrote:
      > Its a tracker2 and its coming out as
      > DIGIA*, WIDE1* WIDE2-1

      What hardware/software are you using to view the packets?

      The asterisk (*) is a visual representation of the has-been-digipeated
      bit. On the Kantronics equipment, only the last has-been-digipeated
      bit is shown. Xastir on the other hand shows all has-been-digipeated

      The format of the packets you have copied to your message is different
      than any that I have seen previously. I know UI-View likes to split
      the packet into 2 lines. I'm just curious as to what you are using to
      view the packets, and possible parameters that make them appear as

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