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14421Re: Alternative to code worrier?

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  • Bruce C
    Aug 1, 2012
      > Sorry if I sound a little cranky - things have been more than a little hectic lately and it's been a week since I've had a full night's sleep. I'm going to go try to fix that now.

      Not a problem. I hope that I didn't sound confrontational in my post. I was just making geek talk.

      I got my tracker3 and am working on setting it up. Like you, I have had some tiring days at work. So it may be this weekend before I have it up an running.

      Bruce KG4HLZ

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, Scott Miller <scott@...> wrote:
      > On 7/30/2012 7:58 PM, Bruce C wrote:
      > > I see that as a major bummer. I was looking for something that I could
      > > mod and make available in the Open Source community. If you need to buy
      > > a compiler, they won't support it.
      > >
      > > What is the damage for a CodeWarrier the is useful? I know that some of
      > > the more advanced versions go for several $K.
      > The free version should compile the T2 and OTUSB code since they're
      > under 64k. For the T3 you'd need the basic license, which runs about
      > $400/year. However, I'm almost certain there ARE alternatives for the
      > Coldfire architecture - I'm just not going that route myself because
      > it's easier for me to keep everything in one development environment.
      > You can also get a trial license for CW if you're just making a one-time
      > change and can get it done in a month.
      > > May I suggest redesigning for something like AVR, ARM or something else
      > > that has good hobbies support.
      > I've got 10 years of experience with the HC(S)08 processors, about 20
      > years if you count the HC11 and older 6800 family and semi-related
      > 6502/6510/8502. I'm not as attached to Coldfire, but I tried ARM and
      > wasn't terribly impressed and Coldfire's got some things going for it in
      > MIPS/watt and cost.
      > I don't mean to seem insensitive to the needs of hobbyists, but I have
      > to work with this stuff every day for a living and honestly only a
      > handful of people have ever bothered to do anything aside from the most
      > minor tweaks to the OpenTracker and Tracker2 source code. I can't make
      > major changes to my selection of tools for the convenience of a very
      > small number of casual hobbyists, especially when there are
      > free-as-in-beer options available. It would be different if there was a
      > large, active community contributing to the code, but out of maybe
      > 30,000 lines of code I think around 10 were contributed by others.
      > There's been even less interest since the introduction of the script
      > system, and when I have the time to expand the script language further I
      > think that will satisfy most people's needs for customization.
      > I've seriously considered taking the Tracker3 closed source, since I
      > *do* depend on selling this stuff to pay the rent, and there's a lot of
      > work put into things like the USB bootloader that are horribly tedious
      > to write and debug but yield a competitive advantage in the long run.
      > Most hobbyists don't care about the $5 it would cost to slap an FTDI
      > chip on a tracker and avoid all of that mess entirely, but for a
      > production device that's a savings of thousands of dollars a year. So
      > while the hobbyist saves $5, I'm potentially facing a real loss of
      > competitive advantage by putting that code out there and maybe saving a
      > competitor $5 per device.
      > But I *do* care about the open source movement and I think the benefits
      > generally outweigh the risks, so I'm keeping it open. And I'm always
      > happy when someone does take a genuine interest in the project and uses
      > it to build something new and different, but at the end of the day I
      > have to go with what keeps me productive and best serves the majority of
      > the end users.
      > Sorry if I sound a little cranky - things have been more than a little
      > hectic lately and it's been a week since I've had a full night's sleep.
      > I'm going to go try to fix that now.
      > Scott
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