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14290Re: [tracker2] T2 digipeating n>setting

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  • James Ewen
    Jul 1, 2012
      On Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 1:57 AM, notrobbage <vk6ufo@...> wrote:

      > The originator is using WIDE1-1,WIDE3-2 by the looks. VK6RAV-3
      > is configured to digipeat WIDE3-N which it does.
      > VK6RTH-3 is configured to digipeat on WIDE2 for 2 hops
      > and VK6RN-3 is configured for WIDE1 for 1 hop.
      > VK6MUD To CQ Via VK6RAV-3,WIDE1*,WIDE3-2
      > VK6MUD To CQ Via VK6RAV-3,WIDE1,VK6RTH-3*,WIDE3-1
      > VK6MUD To CQ Via VK6RAV-3,WIDE1,VK6RTH-3,VK6AHR-3,WIDE3*
      > VK6MUD To CQ Via VK6RAV-3,WIDE1,VK6RTH-3,VK6RN-3,WIDE3*
      > It appears to me that the last two digipeaters are reacting to an incoming
      > WIDE3-1 when they should be ignoring it?

      There's no interaction between the last two digipeaters to cause the
      activity that you are seeing. Both VK6AHR-3 and VK6RN-3 are acting
      upon the packet with the WIDE3-1 as the requested hop, having been
      previously handled by VK6RTH-3. This is perfectly normal operation.

      The OT line simply looks at the SSID and if the SSID is less than or
      equal to the hop limit, it will be digipeated. Since the SSID in this
      request is 1, which is less than the hop limit for both digipeaters,
      both digipeaters act upon the packet individually.

      An OT unit supporting a digipeat alias of WIDE and a hop limit of 1
      will digipeat all of these requests.


      Similarly, if you have a hop limit of 3, the unit will digipeat
      anything with an SSID of 3 or less and a matching digipeat alias.

      Thus: WIDEn-3, WIDEn-2 and WIDEn-1 where n can be any number will all
      be digipeated.

      Ideally, the digipeating hop limit routine should ensure that both n
      and N in the WIDEn-N digipeating hop request are less than or equal to
      the desired hop limit.

      The work around is to include the n value as part of the base alias,
      ie WIDE1 with a hop limit of 1.

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