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14284Re: OT3m CFG pin

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  • sockyg325
    Jun 30, 2012
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      Ok... So, stopped at R/S and got a SPST... terminated it on the green accessory block with one side to the far right pin (GND) and the other side to the 4th from the far right pin (CT). I have tried the config with profile switching such that the only check box on either side is the jumper. Left side (profile 1 switch to profile 2 when:) jumper is on. Right side (profile 2 switch to profile 1 when:) jumper is off. I have tried this once with ALL and once with ANY for the criteria for profile switch. No matter what, the jumper doesn't seem to behave as a jumper, it acts like a counter trigger.

      Are we sure that the CT pin on the accessory connector is what the manual refers to as the CFG pin?

      Is there some other setting that has to be enabled?

      Counter is not listed as enabled.

      Profile 1 is my normal driving N2WLS-11. Profile 2 is my digi N2WLS-2.

      Ideas? (yes, the switch is good, already confirmed that)

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