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14280OT3m CFG pin

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  • sockyg325
    Jun 30, 2012

      I just upgraded from a OT2m v1.0 to the OT3m. Installation went very smoothly. Percentage of received packets that get correctly read by the device (reliability, if you will) seems to have improved over the OT2m.

      Previously I had my OT2m setup for automatic profile switching based on speed. If I was moving it would smartbeacon and if I was parked it would default to half-hour intervals. I decided that I want to turn off the auto-switching based on speed and change up to a jumper sense to turn on or off digipeating.

      So I went through the PDF manual. Page 21 under the counter section refers to the CT pin and the fact that the counter can't be used when the jumper profile switching is active. Page 24 refers to the jumper "off" condition being when the CFG pin is shorted to ground. Only problem is, I don't have a CFG pin! Does the combination of the information on these two pages imply that the CT pin is also the CFG pin? And therefore if I leave the CT and GND disconnected, this registers as "jumper on" and if I short CT and GND pins, this registers as "jumper off"?

      Gary, N2WLS
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