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1425Re: [tracker2] Software question

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  • scott@opentrac.org
    Feb 7, 2007
      It's pre-programmed with the bootloader and the regular firmware.  Should be ready to run.  Don't use otwincfg-dual, though - use the standard otwincfg.exe program.


      From: g4gun [mailto:g4gun@...]
      To: tracker2@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wed, 07 Feb 2007 02:47:20 -0800
      Subject: [tracker2] Software question

      Hi, I'm about to finish building the OT2 kit and have a question
      regaring the software. Has the micro already got the bootloader
      programmed? If not the presumably I've got to program it with the
      bootloader.s19 and then use the otwincfg-dual. exe program to load the
      ot2.s19 file.

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