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14212Re: T2-301 and External Temperature

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  • tony@w5adc.com
    Jun 1, 2012
      Further update. I did make another cable and when I issue the DEVLIST common it does appear to see the sensor. It returns 28BC577103000063. I assume that looks about right. As before it continues to return 31F as a temperature. By the way, the version the tracker is running is 55863.

      Any ideas,


      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, tony@... wrote:
      > The wiring might be an issue. I am actually using a Sparkfun SEN-11050 sensor. I just guessed at the wire colors with the assumption that the BLK wire was ground (pin 4) and the WHT wire was DQ (pin 7). Do I also need to connect the VCC wire RED to pin 5? As it is wired now, it is hard to have the temperature sensor connected and the terminal to see if DEVLIST shows anything. When the sensor is not connected I get the "Bus Error".
      > Thanks,
      > Tony
      > W5ADC
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