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  • Ramon Gandia
    May 5, 2012
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      > >> whats the range on a 900mhz transmitter? say 5-10 watts?
      > >
      > > 900 MHz range is going to depend on terrain. If you can see the igate
      > > from your weather station location ...

      Back when I was a rural ISP here in Nome, Alaska, I got a *lot*
      of experience using 900 mHz.

      The equipment was from FreeWave. The little box had serial port
      and about half a watt on unlicensed 900 mHz. Could use the built
      in 3 inch whip, or an external antenna. Spread spectrum. Their new
      stuff also has ethernet.

      As hams, we can use the stuff with power amps as we are allowed 1.5 kw
      on the band ...

      Anyway, I had no problem connecting 20 to 30 miles on rolling hills.
      It is best line of sight, but if the terrain is not too obstructed,
      it will work fine.

      I had a link from Skookum to Nome, about 50 miles, with 10 db yagis
      at each end. It was very important to get the antennas up HIGH
      off the ground. Dramatic difference between 20 ft and 50 ft.

      Another 50 mile link used a vertical at the mountain, and a 24 db
      parabolic here in Nome.

      Neither one of those links was quite line of sight. With a 60X
      spotting scope we could make out the Nome environments from the
      mountain, but then a hill obscured the view. Regardless, it worked,
      and worked very, very well.

      In any case, the freewaves can be configured as end station, repeater
      or one-to-many. Very flexible.

      I have a lot of respect for FreeWave, 900 mHz and Spread Spectrum!
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