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14101Re: [tracker2] Re: trouble sending messages

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  • Scott Miller
    May 4, 2012
    I believe this is the latest. I'm going to try to spend some time in
    the office this weekend working on updates.


    On 5/3/2012 4:45 PM, Eric Fort wrote:
    > Go ahead and email the latest build, I'm happy to test. I'm thinking
    > this one may very well be inexperience and user error. I've had it
    > about a week and I know it wasn't built long ago as I believe it to
    > have been part of the final production run of T2-301's. Though I
    > can't look right now at the exact firmware rev that's loaded it's
    > gotta be fairly recent as it's whatever was loaded at production time
    > (a week or 2 ago).
    > Some help on initiating, recieving, and responding to aprs messages is
    > probably helpful though.
    > on the nuvi one navigates to the messaging screen which gives inbox,
    > outbox, and compose options. I select compose, after which a single
    > box in which text can be entered appears. there is mo place to enter
    > a to, from, or subject field.... I just enter some text and press
    > send. am I doing this right? how are messages addressed to be sent
    > to specific places? how are messages sent to everyone as a qst or a
    > general message to all within digipeater range? how is aprs messaging
    > (via the nuvi and T2) done? anyone care to point me to a short
    > tutorial (or help write one)?
    > Eric
    > On 5/2/12, Scott Miller <scott@...
    > <mailto:scott%40opentrac.org>> wrote:
    > >> simular firmware dates, but on my OT-2's, I have found 55076 is very
    > >> stable, and both my Nuvi-350's and Nuvi-755T send and receive messages
    > >> well with that version. On some of the newer versions messaging is
    > >> broken completely on my nuvi-755t, and sporadic on the nuvi-350's.
    > >
    > > When I was doing the T3 port, I found some head-scratchers in the FMI
    > > code ("Why did I do this, and how has it been working?") that I think
    > > I've got fixed. I've done testing on the T3 but not so much on the T2
    > > yet. Buffer sizes are different between the versions, IIRC. If you've
    > > got a consistent failure, I can email you the latest build off-list for
    > > testing.
    > >
    > > Scott
    > >
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