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14090Re: [tracker2] Re: trouble sending messages

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  • Rob
    May 4, 2012
      On 04/05/12 12:16, Eric Fort wrote:  

      ok, so yahoo has a page that says this group exists and apparently
      hosts the listserv that runs it. I still see no means of getting to
      any files. yes there's a some text along the left margin that lists,
      posts, files, photos, links, etc. but none are clickable nor do any
      act as links. no web access is required to join this group, when I
      joined I simply sent a subscribe request to the listserv subscribe
      address and the mailing list software at yahoo added me to the list.

      You need to join the yahoo group and sign in to use the extra options in the left margin (files, photos etc), otherwise you are more-or-less like a guest.

      The "JOIN THIS GROUP!" link should be on the 'Home' page of the Tracker2 group.

      Rob, VK6UFO, VK6RN
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